Artist: Ace Beretta
Project Title: The Numb Project

The “idea” of having Everything you ever wanted is easier when its only an “idea”. When you find yourself without a home, no money, and only a beat machine is when you’ll ask yourself are you ready to sacrifice it all for this “idea”. At 19 years old no place to call my own, family issues, police brutality, I made some of the best music of my career to date! In result I give the world “The Numb Project”!

Having the opportunity to experience the world on both sides of the fence, I created music to address how numb I was feeling to my own reality and current world events as well. “The Numb Project” is my way to share music that allows my audience a chance to numb themselves to reality! We are all human…and even the most powerful could be found looking for answers behind closed doors. “The Numb Project” isn’t just a project… It’s a movement that stands for “Find what makes you numb to the world… and do it” I took emotions from a fucked up situation and made a body of work that will relate to a lot of people! What better way to heal the culture than music?
Phone: (424)-218-9165