Mastering the art of freestyle at the age of eight. Rapping at the age of 9. Recording and performing by the age of 14 years old. Clearly Vic, had his mind set on the path he wanted to take in life.


From there, it was a music-centric way of living for the Atlanta born rapper as he continued to find success in the area thanks to the way he brought consistent energy and lyrics to his music. Vic brought this energy to everything he did. Even though he started at a young age, Vic has gotten out of the game from time to time. Once when he broke ties with a group he was a part of, he began to  focus on other aspects of the music industry. Despite those down times in his music career, he always returned to the recording studio. Vic’s upcoming release Independently Major will be his eighth studio project. Following the release of “Independently Major” Vic will give his full attention to putting the finishing touches on his Bout That Life DVD documentary and mixtape to be released at a later date.

Listen to “Bout That Life” on SoundCloud or download directly from iTunes here.

Pakz” and “Count My Bread” are also available on SoundCloud

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