It’s amazing how a lie can travel the world before the truth is allowed to put its shoes on. Over the past few hours social media has been in an uproar with Gucci Mane fans in disbelief of the rappers new look. Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis was recently released from Federal prison early and has been seen sporting a new healthier body. This may be surprising to some considering Gucci was known for his physique and stature but not unbelievable. However in 2016 people still believe satirical websites as truth and no one wants to correct their misguided aunt on Facebook. The rumor was later cleared up by hip hop artist “Cashmerely” who coincidentally is affiliated to “Bricksquad Monopoly” as a part of original Bricksquad Member Frenchie and his artist Jus Joose’s “Bricksquad Boyz”. The exchange occurred when CASHMERELY tweeted Charlamagne asking if he was aware that there’s an article circulating with his name as well as Lil Boosies name crediting the two to the false story behind Gucci Mane being a clone. Charlamange responded immediately taking a brief pause from his current discussion on Chance the Rapper and Bryson Tiller and responded with “That is complete bullshit. I haven’t even spoke to Boosie in a while.” Quite a few people have yet to pick up on Charlamanges tweet although at this point it should be the only that matters, because had his name or Lil Boosies name not been mentioned there would be no premise to the argument besides a few selfies being mirrored not showing Guwops signature Ice Cream tattoo. 

“Now that Gucci Home/ It’s over for you Gucci clones”